Could the GF beep when it is ready to print? (redux)

THIS great thread has a solution using Chrome as a browser to beep when the GF is ready.
has anyone ever come up with a MAC (firefox/safari) solution to this?


(Chrome works on mac…)


Haven’t tried it, but the narrator said it would work under safari…¯\ (ツ)

downloaded the zip file, its a bunch of scripts, but I see no way to import them (90.8 KB)

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Side topic question: I thought Safari didn’t work with the GFUI, so I don’t even think I’ve tried it. Is that no longer true?

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I use Safari on my Mac all the time. I have never had an issue.


Fighting the urge to go try to figure out where I got that idea stuck in my head.


There was a time after the initial production release when Safari and the app did not play well. They worked out most of the kinks years ago, but the perception remains that Safari should be avoided.


Ok, my guess is that I read an old post somewhere and mentally filed that away. lol


Yes…what @dwardio said. In the beginning I used Safari and had all sorts of problems. Switched to Chrome and use it solely for my GF…even renamed it in my dock icon…and set it to open to the GF app.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 2.15.30 PM

Haven’t tried Safari since, but know that it seems to work just fine, now.

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That’s be a nice quality of life change for sure

Yes please.

I run two machines - so the change in noise when one finishes isn’t enough to alert me.

I’m a firefox user, but this could so easily be built into the GF UI.

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