Could the GF beep when it is ready to print?

The button blinks when it’s ready.

Yep, I know the display changes and the button blinks.
However, an extra beep would be useful to me because of the way I work.
For instance, my current print took nearly 2 minutes to prep - by that time I’ve moved on and my back is to my machine.
Earlier today I was talking to my wife while waiting and kept having to look over to check.
It’s just a convenience thing.


1000% agree. I’ve been yelling about audio cues forever. This is such a no brainer.


Beeper or not, the forge has 2 stepper motors that make noise when you move them. They could be used to “play” a tune to indicate readiness or several different tunes to represent different states of being. This could even be an opt in feature for those who wish to not add this minute amount of extra miles on their xy drive. I, for one, would welcome extra audible clues.


That’s what I think - why would you not?


I made you a present. This Chrome extension will add a magical melody when the print button becomes ready.

I can’t publish it through the Chrome store until it goes through the review process and then I upload the new version that isn’t broken and then that goes through the review process. But if you know how to install it manually (extract the ZIP, turn on developer mode in the extensions settings, click Load Unpacked, select the directory), you can use it now. (90.8 KB)

If you use some other browser, sorry, they’re all a little different and I had to pick one.


What directory : ?
This is a great add on , I hope I get it working

I also would like to recommend the Switch Bot to push the button from your Phone , as this can save you a lot of time . Priceless.

The one you got from unzipping the file.

Step 1:
Unzip file.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Open 2020-09-27 18-57-18

Step 5
Extensions 2020-09-27 18-57-46


I just tested it and its working perfectly , I did change the Sound to something shorter.
Thank you what a fantastic Gift , I hope you use the Switch Bot .


I assume that plugin will cease working if Glowforge changes the ui too much?

Thank you Chris1for the extension! wish i had that kind of mind for programming
And thank you coalakida for recommending the Switchbot, just ordered it

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It will cease working if they look at it funny.


Yeah. That’s why I never greasemonkeyed it or anything, I just can’t figure out why they haven’t added it or a laundry list of ui improvements. Too busy making a janky editor I guess.


This is friggin’ awesome and it’s the first thing that has made me consider leaving my Fox for Chrome, at least for GF stuff. Thanks Chris!

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How excellent - sadly I’m a firefox user - but you can have house points from me for doing this.

I might even switch to Chrome for forging because of this.


You are a true maker (i.e., instead of trying to convince him he doesn’t need or want what he’s asked for, you found a solution). Nicely done!


Thanks @chris1! Your lovely audio choice actually sounds similar to one of my phone alarms so I changed the sound to the TNG computer saying “Program initiated, enter when ready” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I went with a Beep. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can have some fun changing the MP3 to anything you like. :slight_smile:

Might I suggest: (17.5 KB)