Couldn't wait to have my GF before launching this project!

Hi there,

I’m glad to announce that I am launching today a kickstarter for the Jumandrink, a game project I’ve made with two friends of mine. We had ordered a glowforge in order to make it, but we couldn’t wait to launch it before Christmas

Today, in order to allow us to offer our game on a larger scale, we ask for those interested in the project via the platform of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site.
The project has started in 2012, then stayed on the side for a time, somehow abandoned, to finally reborn in 2015. The Jumandrink is a board game laser engraved on wood to animate our parties. This one can be summarized in a special game of goose, since the 38 spaces of the game will lead you in the final shot.

We are totally open to any feedback on the game, the campaign or whatever else. You could find the campaign here :

Moreover, we are thinking about metal corners for the board, have you already engraved some ? Do you know where to find them ?

Thank you for any help you could give us !


Do you mean something like these box corner guards?
The glowforge will not engrave metal, unfortunately. If you found blank box-corner guards, you would be able to mark them using cermark, moly-d, or pre-painting then etching. You would have to devise a way to make them sit flat, either propping them up individually with some scrap or making a re-usable jig of some kind.


Yes, I was thinking about these ones but more flat, in order to engrave them.

Are you sure we could not engrave them ? I already did it once with a CO2 laser, it’s just about removing the oxide, like a Mac engraving no ?


The corner issue isn’t a problem. Easy to make a quick jig to drop the corners into so they’re flat for engraving.

They won’t mark like a Mac though unless you find aluminum ones. You’re not actually etching the metal with this power level. You’re marking the anodization of the aluminum case on Apple products (I do that for company laptops, ipads and phones).


Yes, that’s what I was thinking about when talking about the oxide. I will search for aluminum corners then, I’ve already found some but in 3D like for flight cases. I will have to search deeper :wink:

So you think it’s not gonna work with brass for instance ?


Not gonna work on brass (I use them for boxes & stuff myself).

With brass you’ll need Ther/Cermark. I think. I’ve not used those on brass but have on steel. I have a vague recollection of Cermark working on other metals than steel.


I’ve just checked cermark and it will be a good option, I’m just afraid it goes away with time. How well does it hold to metal with time ?


I have had steel marked and it is very tough.

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it is billed as being permanent. I just found this document explaining the similarities and differences between cermark and thermark, and a handy chart of product numbers. I didn’t realize it was more complicated than just a “can of cermark”, but each company makes several different products.


I’ll analyze that and even check if I could have colors. I saw gold Cermark but for marble, and in your document some colors for glass (I will CERTAINLY use them on glasses). That gives me so many ideas !

Thank you very much !


heh, this little gem from that document (which, as you can tell, was published by thermark):

If you use a product that comes as both TherMark and
CerMark brand, the only difference is in the packaging. At
TherMark Holdings, Inc., we feel our TherMark packaging
is superior to CerMark packaging.



Thermark & Cermark are owned by the same company now. There used to be a real rivalry. Now it’s marketing fiction. :slight_smile:They do have some different capabilities (color being one) but it’s all going into the same pockets​:money_mouth_face::moneybag: