Countdown timer till 7/31/17 all pre-order units shipped by date



Chuckle! We actually tried one of those once. Did nothing but drive ourselves crazy with it.


well it’s time to do it again then


As you wish - but it doesn’t speed anything up. :relaxed:


no but it makes me more comfortable knowing the amount of day’s … i deal better knowing numbers


I checked an exhaustive list of fundamental constants in the physcal universe. There was a footnote at the bottom of the page that referenced a Glowforge Theory but the link to the footnote just led me back here. In frustration, I have written a somewhat controversial paper entitled “Stuff Changes” and hope to submit it for peer review by July/August 2017. The paper will be available for purchase, in digital form for $9.95, in the Glowforge Catalog. Hard copies will also be available, shipping and handling TBD.


Did you find the one about clock watching affecting time? We all know that watching a clock slows time down. Ergo, if we all sit here and watch the countdown, July will actually take longer to get here? It will be on us that time will creep by slower.

On the other hand it would give Dan more time to get the thing built :slight_smile:


I believe that was referenced in the Extra-Special Relativity Theory written in the early days of the PC. Heard it was inspired by an AOL mail user. Before my time.



Is that the prequel to “Stuff Happens” or inspired by Forrest Gump?



i don’t know how the link got broke but here is an updated version … anytime you refresh this page it should in theory change


I’m seeing 231 days, 17 hours, 37 mins & 24 seconds. I refreshed a few times and it hasn’t changed. What’s everyone else seeing?


Yeah. It was refreshing OK before. Not now. It slightly bums me out anyway. I can deal with a small number like 7 months. 231 days is an eternity. Rather not look.


It takes Venus 225 days to orbit the Sun, so that would be just over one venusian year. YMMV, but countdowns like this just increase stress – ask any 8-year-old waiting for Santa. :wink:


I find knowing the numbers comforting.


I find Ice Cream comforting.


That puppy joy is too squee :squee:



Fear and prejudice has caused many municipalities to ban pit bulls, apparently ignorant that an aggressive display is a reflection of how the animal was raised, so more an indication of the owner than the animal.

Training a dog to be aggressive for protection is a dangerous waste. See how publicly friendly that female pit is?
She was raised with love, but if anyone ever raised their hand to that woman, the dog would become hell spawn in her owner’s defense.
That comes from the heart, no need to train that.
If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die I want to go where they went. - Will Rogers


Absolutely. My dad used to say that “a dog is a reflection of its owner”.