Couple Key Holder

My wife saw something similar on pinterest or some place like that so thought I’d give it a try. Made on 1/4 MDF from home depot.
bottom top
I wound up actually sanding off would would be the spacer between the man and woman to make things a little easier to put them on and take them off. Just hung with an alligator clip in the back.


Very nice!

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Good idea!
For hanging on a wall I am a huge fan of These. We have used them to hang Christmas stockings, key hooks, pictures, back brush in the shower, etc.


Thank you for the nice file.


Thank you for sharing.

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Nice and sweet file. Thank you

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Cute! Thank you!

How do I get this to engrave and cut? I seem to be getting either engrave the whole thing or cutting the whole thing This is very cute

I just dragged this into the Glowforge interface. There are three operations that load automatically. You engrave the hearts and text and cut the figures, house outline and keychain holes in the figures.

Thank you. I still cannot get it. not very good with this stuff

Did you drag the file onto the bed of the Glowforge or try to upload into your design library? I will help you get this completed if you wish.

The only thing engraved is the heart on the couple. Keep in mind this is two separate pieces glued together. The bottom piece is a cutout of the house. The top piece is the same cutout but with the people cut from it so they can fit into the place holders.