Cover for my 2019 journal

This example is a test I did with a similarly sized book from goodwill (before i commit my journal) - I was quite pleased with the results - I will have to measure carefully so there is no overhang on the living edge to catch on anything for the real deal - this is 1/8 inch baltic birch. It is glued to the board with wood glue - you have to glue it flat open so the live edge stretches over the binding when closed - i may add an elastic band and wood button for closure. (ps i did not glue the living hinge portion, not sure if that was the best method but i thought the stress of being glued would not allow it to open and close correctly and may split the hinge)


It’s gorgeous! And I think you are right about not gluing the spine section–pretty sure that would prevent it from flexing.


I’m still writing 2018 on forms. Good job not messing up the cover like I would have!


Nice to get a test in for sure. I agree … no glue on the living hinge.