Covid face shield design

I wanted to share the design for face shields I’m making for our hospitals. This is a modification of another design which I think makes it easier, quicker, and closes in the top (which my ICU nurse wife says is a must for them).
I’m cutting it from .020 clear acrylic from Johnson Plastics which I get for $20 a 24 x 49 sheet. I cut the sheet with a utility knife into 12x9.8 pieces then laser the shape and holes for the band into them. I get 10 from a sheet.
I use 1"x1" foam to close the top, for padding and to hold the shield away from nurse’s face. I can’t find this foam in self adhesive so I’m super gluing it to the acrylic which seems to work well.
The bands are #117b file bands from Office Depot (non-latex) - 200 for $12.
So, I’ve got about $2.25 in each one.
Face Shield for 117b bands.pdf (3.8 KB)


Quick and easy. I’m going to give it a try right now.

I’m using 500 speed- full power on the .020 acrylic

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That’s a similar design to the disposable kind available commercially. I probably need to source some of that foam. :+1:

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I wonder if pool noodle type material would work as well as the foam.


I got my foam from a local industrial rubber and gasket supplier. It comes 54" wide.
I have also used 3/4"x3/4" self adhesive weatherstripping from Lowe’s but its a little thin.
I don’t know how the pool noodle would work being curved. Seems like it would tend to make the shield unstable on the head? Maybe if you found a flat float?
BTW I’m cutting the foam on a band saw

Using weatherstripping here!


Ahhhhh! Might have to try the weatherstripping…I can pick that up easily at the local HWS and I’ve got the clear sheets already. (Many many of them.) :smile:

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i love the simplicity. but a couple of questions about the foam.

how does the foam affect the resanitizing/reusability of this version? does the foam hold up to cleaning? does the foam come off to be replaced or is this considered disposable?

The foam is closed cell so I guess could be cleaned/sterilized. My wife and the other ICU nurses at her hospital are using the same shield for the day and wiping down between patients. They dispose at the day’s end.


Thank you.