Cowboy sunset shadow box

We recently relocated to Southeast Texas from Washington state and I was trying to think of something that would be popular in this area for an upcoming market day. A friend of mine said he alwase wanted something religious and western so I came up with this.

I found the image SVG on Etsy and then hand painted the sunset after watching a LOT of tutorials on pairing sunsets.

Question, why do you use to seal your projects?


is it me, or is there ghosting on the image, I am seeing blurred shadows.

@Deleted it’s shadow from the light behind me, I messed this one up with a bad surface finish after the picture was taken so I’ll have to add another picture of the one I’m making later today.

as long as your re-doing it, put a cowboy hat hanging off the cross…


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This is beautiful.


This looks great!

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Most of my projects I stain & finish before cutting. I use Minwax Polycrylic Matte finish. Generally 3 coats. If I am printing an image on the wood it is 3-4 coats then another coat after I print and clean the wood.


Welcome to Texas. :blush:


@MandyJoKal Thank you! That is really helpful!

@janee Thank you! We are loving it!

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This is really beautiful! Love the color of the sky.


@ptodd Thank you! I am excited to get better at hand painting!

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Spray polyurethane works beautifully. The brush-on stuff is cheaper, but takes longer.

That’s beautiful work, and I imagine it will sell well in Texas! Creating name tags that could hang off the top, or the cross might also be a big hit. Go with a few common names as a sampler :slight_smile: