Craft ply 1/8 - Midwest Products 12x24

Doing a test project building a Flitetest RC plane. Needed some ply pieces for structural parts and found 1/8 ply boards at local Ben Franklin store. They have 12x24 sheets by Midwest Products for just $4.99! Its $10.99 on Amazon

Test cuts:

This test used power 90-100 in 2 step increments (90, 92, 94, 96 etc)
The left side of blue is 1 pass at 290
The right side is 2 Pass at 145

As you can see I got lucky on first try and every setting cut all the way through. Used the Google spreadsheet to get first settings. In the lower picture you can see much less charring on the 2 pass cuts.


These pieces are about 1.5" high. Bottom piece shows very little charring.
Used Power 96, Speed 145, 2 Pass which was just enough to cut through but kept the pieces intact on the sheet which could then be popped out with light pressure. Small changes in power may be required to cut all the way through (+2) and have the pieces fall out.