Craft Tip Makeup brush for painting and applying edge coat sealer

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I purchase these two items in bulk from Amazon. Disposable and inexpensive!!

They are absolutely wonderful for painting, staining, gluing, removing wet glue that has seeped out from a project and edge coating the side of leather.

The black brush has some type of angled rubber tip and when used for painting small items it delivers a beautiful and smooth finish.

Sometimes I take an alcohol marker and paint the tip of the angled brush. I have been able to paint very tiny things.


Yep! Been using those for years.

Another useful item is these nail tees (I get them at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply). Very useful for applying paint, stain or glue to a detail area.


Guess I’ve just been using my abundant watercolor brushes…


Ooo! Better go get me some for gluing

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