Craft Tip: Paint brush bristle maintenance

A few months back—- I watched a YouTube video and a tip was offered about paint brush maintenance. I do not remember the video.

If the bristles are splayed— this technique fixes them.

  1. Thoroughly clean the brush. Soap/ hot water, mineral spirits, or turpentine. If you use the chemicals follow up with soap and hot water.
  2. While the bristles are still wet dab a little of this product on the bristles and reshape them
  3. The next day you will have a brand “new” paintbrush.
  4. This Old Spice Molding Clay is at Walmart and it smells very nice.


That’s hilarious! Thanks for the tip!

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What about gorilla glue? :crazy_face:


Cool tip! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!


It really does work!!! The product also gives strength to the bristles.

Here is a great laugh. When I first tried the technique I did not have the Old Spice product. I had an EXPENSIVE jar of molding clay from the salon—- those brushes smell really great.

Last night Eric made a comment and I am still laughing about it. He said “ Walmart managers across the United States are going to be wondering why all of their Old Spice molding clay has been sold out.


That gorilla glue seems kinda of permanent.

Molding clay is a product made for your hair. My guess Old Spice came out with it ——to use as maintenance on a man’s beard.

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Great idea. I have never heard of that stuff but I do have a lot of paint brushes that are in need of it :smile:


Gorilla glue as a hair product when you’ve run out of it. My fav take is the SNL skit that came out of it.



I really needed this laugh. Thank you!

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Thank you for the tip!!!

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