Crafty Cretin - Things I made Vol. 2

Greetings and salutations! Long time lurker, and though not a first time poster by any stretch, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted any of my own work. This community and the GUG group on FB still inspire me DAILY.

You came here to see photos, not yammering, so gittonwivit! (yammering WILL happen, deal wivit)

These surely won’t be in chronological order… I’ll post a few each day…

A business card holder using ‘standoffs’ and incorporating a fellow artisan’s ceramics for a pencil holder. I want to do a lot more with other ceramic pieces.

Weirdest thing… a ‘Yogi’ talked me into doing a “HarryPotter Themed Yoga” event. 5 or 6 vendors selling various HP stuff, before and after a yoga session with readings from the book and spells and wands. It was cute. And I’m pretty sure I did better than all the other vendors. I would totally do it again.

A couple of new bud vases for hanging. I still like these, not quite as obsessed with them, because I’ve found a new obsession - more on that later.

Made some wall art for my dayjob office. A co-worker helped tweak the files and then I went to work. Corporate bigwigs were blown away. Bonus non-laser related pic… an “elevated pic” I had taken on campus years ago is now a five foot canvas in our conference room.

This sits on my desk. People do not heed the warning.

Comic book boxes for a full set to set nicely on a bookshelf. My friend was quite happy with them.

'Tis enough for now. More to come tomorrow!


Hard to pick a favorite…maybe the bear. :smile:


I do like him. I made a matching one for my “work wife” in the cubicle next to mine that reads, “Seriously, don’t.”




definitely the bear.


I like the use of standoffs for the business card holder & pencil cup. Nicely done. Clean & simple.


Thanks for the photos. I especially like the BudVase Triangle.


Yes, the bud vase with test tubes is my fav as well. But all your projects are pretty cool!


Good morning! Ready for more? Let’s roll!

Our ‘covid baby’ is of the canine persuasion. Tico Hector Juan Samuel. So I made a leash holder. Bonus no-points for getting the quote reference, and name, without theGoogle.

Straight forward silliness. Always popular at markets.

Another bud vase I forgot to include yesterday. Really simple construction. Easy to do any shape at all for the ‘front.’

“That’s not a cat.”

Started playing with kerf adjustments. This charm came out amazing IMO. PG med walnut and cherry ply.

A quick test diving into the acrylic LED lamps. Etching just takes FOREVER. So as much as I love this, I won’t likely make more of these.

Well, I say that… HA! I made these while trying to convince my “new” day job to invest in a GF. When you’re paid by the hour, who cares how long engraving takes? LOL They ARE cool, but the GF is not the machine for these things.

A tile test. A success, but meh. Etching…

More etching… these don’t take quite as long, and they look really good. Scrap oak pieces from a carpenter friend. Love free materials, that can sell for $15 to $20.

White acrylic on glass, with a cool wallpaper sample under the glass. I really love doing frames. Starting to explore shadow boxes for layers pieces. More on that later too.

Thank you everyone for the kind words. Hope these all inspire someone, as I said, this group is an amazing source of inspiration and motivation for me. Onward! (Not even close to done with the current upload of projects.)


I enjoy seeing your work and your sense of humor . :blush:


Love the Flerken!


How about a few more randoms to close out today… We’ll get into my latest obsession tomorrow sometime.

A couple of playing card boxes. Files from Etsy (vasily39) and it is PERFECT. Zero glue needed, but a BFmallet def. IS needed.


Couple of desk/nightstand tray/boxes. Original file from Etsy was a “cash” gift box. As US cash fits perfectly. So that’s a bonus sales pitch. I like them as ring or change boxes. I added the divider, because why not. And the liner is from an upholstery sample book. I have HUNDREDS of them. So I’ll be making lots of trays… *segue

Was able to apply what I learned about kerf and plug it into a box maker online, and design these “open boxes” for BFM (big mallet) assembly. Just a few tweaked nodes in Illustrator to give them curved sides. Heavy oak ply from a local supplier (Hood Distribution - look 'em up see if there’s a warehouse near you) stained barn red, or just a clear poly.

Again… I cannot stress enough how just a lil’ strip of leather will take your keytags from meh to premium. Stupid simple. No lasering invloved with the leather. Cut, punch, rivet.

My next file from vasily39. Again, BFM assembly. So fun, I swear. Sooo much better than gluing and taping and clamping chit. I really liked the yellow ones and how the wood grain gave the gourd illusion. The ‘dark cherry’ stain, I HATED on the full sheet. So I thought I’d just throw a box on and see, dark, weird color, perfect for Halloween… I LOVE them! That’s what was meant to be made with that stained sheet.

Couple of simple two layer flags. Always a popular item.

Cheesy flower jewelry. I’m not a jeweler. I’ll stick with hanging pendants and earrings.

Last one for today… A 3D fleur de lis ornament. My first attempt last year at a slotted, with a ‘lock notch’, assembly. Nailed it first try! Snaps together with ease. Looked best in PG walnut and cherry. Acrylics were too fragile and I snapped too many too easily. I just love 'em.

More tomorrow! BURN IT ALL!


Imagine that. Ha! (They were warned!) :sunglasses:


Are you here in Louisville?

if you want a faster Engrave. You might motor over to First Build. I have yet to do anything IN there. but the facility astounding.

you folks out there NOT in Louisville, you might want to avoid this link. It might make you cry.


I am indeed in Louisville. I know of FirstBuild, and really cut my teeth on their Universal lasers. Was in there probably 2 or 3 times a month for 2 years. They don’t want you making things to sell anymore though. Which sucks. I’ll still go in there to get material. And I raid their scrap bin. I have used them to etch a couple of larger signs. Still took forever, but oh so much faster than a GF.

The facility is PRISTINE. For everyone else, imagine a grimy volunteer makerspaces that you are probably familiar with, but with GE money, and a full crew. It’s a R&D manufacturing shop for them, that’s open to the public. No memberships, but some machines have time/use fees… about ten 3D printers, all the wood working tools you could ever need, lasers, waterjet, mills, soldering/tinkering stations, vacuum formers, vinyl cutters… all the cool toys. Some of the bigger tools, you must know how to use, they do not train, but will certify you to use them. (Basically, experienced users only.) But you can work with them, and they’ll make your part for you if you don’t know… just gotta have a “flexible” schedule…


I took two of my service engineers in there when I was getting a PM service done on my cell sorter. they just walked around with their mouths hanging open.

I didn’t know they had cut back on access. probably too much usage?

Not really limited access, but I can’t go in and just jump on the waterjet, or the shopbot cnc. Way too much liability I’m sure. So if I’m familiar with those machines, I can go in, work with one of their techs on my project, and they’ll watch over, answer questions, and then determine if next time I can come in and just jump on the machine. They have implemented scheduling now, because COVID, but I wish they had done that a long time ago. They were having several people come in often and taking up both lasers etching barrel heads, which take like 2 hours, even on those fast units. Other users were getting pissed. I was always mad when people would go in without laser ready files. I go in, and I’m lasering in less than 5 minutes.

And those Universals are pretty easy to use. So learning the basics there, and going to a Glowforge… WOW. The GF was REALLY easy for me learn, a downhill learning curve even.


“Love this idea for some of my old Readymade magazine collections. Thanks for the nudge with the share!”
The slotted box design but larger to hold collection of magazines. Readymade was a fantastic DIY magazine that Ive kept every issue from. The magazine unfortunately did not make it, having closed down many a year ago. A more permanent holder is a great idea for these!

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@Bigfoot_BSCLaserprin I’m not sure which idea inspired you to do what, but yay anyway. :smiley:

I love the flying keys!

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