Crazy Cool Flatpack Wall Furniture

Just saw this on Wired. His website has a copy of his thesis if you’re interested. I tried to embed a vimeo video link below: we’ll see if it works. If not, you have to scroll down to the bottom of his page and watch the video to get it; the pictures only make sense (at least to me) after you know what they are.

De-dimension from jongha on Vimeo.


those are cool. love the very simple video too.
It makes me think of the art of Michael Zelehoski, who is the nephew of a former employer of mine.

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That is really cool! But I’d be a bit worried about children & possible finger amputations? Maybe? Not sure…hard to tell from the video…

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So awesome! And what a way to save space! :grin: Functional art is my favorite…

I did see the potential of a digit guillotine…

Nice. I like the “functional art” concept. I kind of tried for that with my lighthouse cribbage boards with a hang slot on back so they can hang on the wall when you’re not playing.


What is this witchcraft? :smiley: That’s so neat!!

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“Seriously well thought-out furniture”

A very clever design! Art and furniture - Looks perfect for dorm, trailer or bachelor apartments.