Crazy laser game idea

Just had a crazy idea(not fully thought out). @dan have you ever thought of combing your passion of lasers and board games(I know your board game has laser/used them to make etc.)

I mean more specifically it would be really cool to see a custom piece of software to control a laser in “real time”(more likely stop start turn based). So for example with your board game(I haven’t played it yet but I expect I will donate a copy to the school I work at), you would direct the turtle and give inputs to the client device(hooked to the laser through the game software) and it would gradually laser cut your turtle’s paths etc.

Another example could be pacman think a variation of this could work quite well. I think the best game could be Qix(a game where you fence off or cut out regions of a level). This could even open up a whole new mini genre(I wouldn’t expect it to catch on but could be fun, or make a good video).

Would love to hear what you think of it(games designer in my spare time). Feel free to give it a go if you ever get any spare time with your expensive laser or a GF. I offer up the idea to anyone with the resources and know how/ access to a good software engineer.(I expect you know some good ones!)

If anyone does either a hybrid board game, video game or social game with a laser component (not just using lasered components, not that I wouldn’t want to see them) post a video here.

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Sounds amazing, and terrifyingly dangerous.


I don’t think it would be dangerous. I mean using a laser cnc within its normal housing. Either crowding around the machine and viewing it or using a camera and viewing it on a device. Glad you like it, if you ever get a spare while to work on something for fun feel free, would love to see the video.