Create a Carboard House in Tinkercad

Master notches and tabs while making a small cardboard house. Lots of room to push the limits after you get the basics. Since we build out of cardboard I am never sweating wasted materials while we learn. =)


Instead, I would sweat the possibility of fire, but that is just me. :crazy_face:

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3 years in and the only cardboard fire I started was when I chose my corriboard settings instead of my cardboard ones! :slight_smile:

@theroar84 I gotta start re-learning CAD. I used it in college, but not since then so everything is familiar but nothing works the way it did :stuck_out_tongue:


A nice thing about using it in the classroom is that there are a lot of eyes on it when it is cutting. Sometimes we have a few corners that smolder, but nothing big. The learning we gain by being able to experiment with our free resources is worth the risk.


Steps for printing if you are using in a classroom.

I love cutting cardboard and haven’t ever (knock on wood) had the slightest hint of an ember. I just keep the speed up as high as I can and use 100 power.


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