Creating a usable image from a pdf

Hello! I have created a PDF of an image I would like to cut. However, the image is in the center of the pdf “page” so when I upload into Glowforge, I am uploading the entire page with too much dead space, not just the image. This makes it very hard to cut because I have to center the page on the GF tray, rather than the product.
I want to know how to pull just the image, or change the page boundaries without losing actual size of the image? I need to keep the image the size it was scanned.
I am not very familiar with graphic design software, so please keep things simply for me!

In your .pdf program (not a .pdf viewer, it’ll have to be an editor), usually under Edit, there will be a Crop function (names may be different depending on your program).
Crop around your image and re-save

This is much easier in a graphics program like PaintNet or GIMP, but doable, even within the .pdf


Thank you! I just downloaded Gimp!


In GIMP your best bet is to make the design surface (page size) default to 11x19.5 and then place the image where ever in the piece that you want it to show up on the GFUI. It will always respect size if you do so, and you never have to worry about making something that won’t fit in your :glowforge:* :slight_smile:

*barring using really high speeds which will cause the usable area to shrink so the head doesn’t bang into the walls!


Thank you! I think I got it!


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