Creative Fabrica Free Home Crafting Bundle

This is cool.

To our amazing Creative Fabrica community

We at Creative Fabrica wanted to take a moment to let you know that we’re thinking of you during these uncertain times. We understand that the situation the world is in might feel strange for all of you.

We are committed to offering our support and helping our community in the midst of uncertainty. As many of you are probably spending more time than usual at home, this is the perfect time to embrace your creativity with your loved ones. We believe that creativity has the power to create joy and enrich our hearts. That’s why we have put together The Free Home Crafting Bundle .

This bundle is filled with a wide variety of crafting goods - from beautiful paper cut flowers to cartoon coloring pages, perfect for unleashing your creativity with your kids. All can easily be printed out and crafted within your home. We hope this free bundle can provide entertainment and a piece of mind while you stay at home with your loved ones.

We extend our hearts to everyone around the world who has been affected. Let’s use this time we’ve been given to support each other and be creative.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful community and we hope you’re staying safe and strong.

Creative Fabrica


Look for the helpers. This is a good thing.


That’ll do, CF, that’ll do.


Yes, got this from them myself so I’ve picked it up.

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