Creative living hinge designs


Came across this resource! I would love to see some people test these out. :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight smile: with this I can have an idea of how the hinge will look and which one I can use depending of the design I will like to use


Obrary is a good resource. I so want to see examples of these with the Glowforge. Can you imagine what is behind the closed beta forum? It is the one time I wouldn’t mind seeing sausage made!


HaHa…great analogy, I spit up my beer a little. You owe me a new keyboard @marmak3261


@Dan ? :smiley: :smiley:


Nice link, thanks for sharing.

They have a nice Eiffel Tower model, too — but don’t photograph it at night!


I have “printed” these swatches. As you might imagine, the “traditional” straight design works very well. I can imagine using the “diamond”, “triangle” and brackets" patterns, they are very flexible but quite open. Both the “fabric” and “geodesic” flex in X and Y axes but are stiff and don’t offer a lot of movement. The others broke early on as I subjected them to testing.

Edit: All were cut from 3.23mm MDF


We printed these a long time ago - our results were similar to @pomwah. Neat idea, but only the basic design was reliable enough to make it into regular product designs so far.


I have made a few things with the living hinge. They work and look great.