Creatology Foam Sheets

Has anyone used craft foam (like the first pic) with the adhesive backing yet? Wanting to do letter cutouts to suspend on a string for a cake topper. Any help is greatly appreciated especially since I’m not in the mood to use a fire extinguisher this early in the morning. THX!

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You’ve resurrected a 4 yr old post and a lot of folks might miss your question, so it might be worth making a whole new post for it. And FWIW, I’ve never used any foam product like this, but I imagine the adhesive backing won’t make much difference in the settings. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I ended up using felt but I am curious of the foam sheet question, will do a quick post soon!

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Oh nice! I love cutting felt, but I’m not a fan of how it can smell when lasered. :laughing:

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I used Kunin Felt made with Eco-fi fiber and saved these settings (400 Speed / 60 Power) . No harsh smell and cut beautifully! Hardly any charred edges too.