Cribbage board design

Here is a rectangular style cribbage board.


Nice :slight_smile:

If you edit that post you can change the size of the image to make it even larger!

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Done :grinning:

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Hey thanks!

You’re welcome.

Nice! Very cool of you to share the file. Thank you!

I always had trouble finding good cribbage board designs to work with so now that I have I thought I’d share it.


Does Glowforge delete files after a certain amount of time? This would make a great gift for my sister-in-law & brother. They used to play with her parents when they were still alive. Please advise.

Nope, it’s still right there. Right click on the drawing and choose Save As or Save Image As to download the SVG file.

For some reason I don’t get those options. It says save picture as…

The holes cut all the way through, correct? Could we possibly just cut the outer shape in a a thinner piece and glue them up to make it more like a board that’s been drilled?


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When I right-click my second option is save image as (Windows 10). Save picture as will most likely work. If the file extension is .svg then you’ll be good.


What browser? Some are ill suited to saving SVGs correctly.

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Sure you can make several and stack them together. Just leave out the holes on one piece to make a bottom. I just used it as a template to drill out a much thicker board and route around to get the same shape.

Thank you for sharing this file!


You’re welcome.

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Thank you! Games are great!