Cribbage Board: veneer over acrylic

Last year @Shell was getting rid of some project materials and I picked them up. She’d been working on a cribbage board and did a beautiful job (of course). I recently got my GF and ran across the material (walnut veneer over 6mm cast acrylic, pre-Proofgrade so not pre-finished). Since Nancy and I had been talking about playing cribbage, I decided to try one myself. Here’s the result.
cribbage_board cribbage_board_side_view
I posted this on Thingiverse:

The standard 1/8" pegs stick out a little below the board, so I put vinyl feet on the corners.


Gorgeous! :grinning:

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Oh, very cool! I like the look of that veneer over the acrylic.

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Really love this idea. I’ve just started messing with casting my own HDPE today and it’s great physically but isn’t so attractive. Layering veneer over that would be awesome too. Cool project!


Nice combination of materials!

Nice job!!! Looks just like my parents board I played on my entire life except theirs was solid wood.

Sounds like you may just be starting to learn to play cribbage. Great game!!!

I played with my Folks for over sixty years and my Dad could remember beating me by leaving me in the ‘Skunk Hole’ from games we played in the 1950’s!

And, of course, he teased me my entire life about these decades old come from behind victories until I could finally beat him on a more regular basis!

Have Fun!!!

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this is amazing! I was just looking for a cribbage board project!

Great look!

Thanks for sharing the design. I had fun making this last weekend. I used PG Cherry Veneer and PG Thick Clear Acrylic. The first cut of the PG Acrylic didn’t cut all the way through so I slowed it down 10% or so (maybe a hair too much)…


But in the end I it turned out great!


I really like how the clear acrylic gives the board some sparkle!


Nice! I made all my cribbage boards out of solid cherrywood until all the menards and home depot’s stopped selling it. I made them all 3D carved in the CNC machine though. This looks like another good way do it.

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Just want to say before I was able to take delivery of my Glowforge (day 3 purchase) I bought a Carvey and spent quite a bit of time lurking over in the Inventables forum. Loved seeing all your projects over there and am happy to see you’ve joined our little community here! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting the design. Very nice!

are you guys applying the veneer before or after cutting?

I cut separately and used the cribbage pegs to align when applying the veneer. Took my time getting it aligned before committing but it wasn’t hard and turned out fine.


Clever trick with the pegs.