Cribbage Table?

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience making a cribbage table in solid hardwood (1-1.5" thick) with their GF? Can you just run the holes a few times on the cut function and cut out deep enough holes for the pegs? I’d have no problem sanding the tops and blowing out the holes with our air compressor to clean out the dust. Any helps or tips is greatly appreciated!


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You could make an inlay top to glue to an existing table… not sure how you’d fit a table top into a gf anyway.

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You probably alreadyvsearched but if not…

Prior art:

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I recommend using the laser to simply mark the hole locations well enough that you can drill them out with a drill bit accurately. I love lasers, but there are other tools out there that do certain things better. Deep holes are perfect for drilling.


Could make a drill jig, might be even better. Cut the holes where you want them on thin material. Fasten to your table (clamps?) and then use those holes to align your bit.


I made mine out of multiple peices of ply:


If you use cribbage pegs like these:

You could use filled circles and engrave the holes instead of cutting them. You could do this with any cribbage peg, but the dimensions give the idea. It won’t be fast, but jigging up a mill or a good drill press isn’t exactly speedy.

Cutting a slightly thicker than 1/8" board and gluing it to your stock is fastest, but if you really want to use just 1" or 1.5" stock, and I don’t blame you, it is an option.


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