Cricket Dart Scoreboard

Have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts of their projects the past few years. I started out mainly printing other’s files, but have graduated to an original design. Made this cricket scoreboard and dart holder as a gift for a friend. Design was completely done with the Glowforge app.

Wood is 1/4 Maple Ply except the shield on top which is Red Oak hardwood. Rather than using slate for the chalkboard, which would have been very heavy and hard to cut to size, I chose matte black acrylic. Chalk works great on it and erases well. Engraved the text & numbers on the acrylic, then kept the masking on and spray painted engraved areas white. When dry, removed the masking and cleaned up the edges. Wood stain is Varathane Cognac and Golden Oak.

He was very happy with the gift!


What a great first design! Very nicely done and the explanation of the process is always welcome. I followed the same path as you, printing others’ designs and learning from them and eventually striking out on my own. I am definitely not a great designer, but I am taking small steps with every design. Please continue to share your creations here so others can enjoy, be inspired by and learn from them.


Great project!


Turned out great!!


Welcome to the forum!

Good idea and great work, as well as materials choice. Cool addition to your game area.

All my life I had played on the standard department store $15 dart boards, until a neighbor asked with a masked grin if " that have a baseball game on the back…?"
I never knew there were real dartboards until then… and professional darts - which requires real money.

We usually play on Friday nights, a game we have bastardized and call scramble. Play rotates sequentially from 1 through 20 and two green or one red bull. Each player shoots from the last number the previous player missed, until 20. Each player has to get their own 20 and bulls. Get your number on the third dart and you shoot again.
It’s a lot of fun, because it removes the competition - until we get to 20. You can actually be happy for your opponents and cheer them on, especially if you are shooting poorly. It happens that you can hardly hit any numbers and still win!

I made individual score keepers for each of us. Magnets hold them together.

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Darts are ‘Tribal Weapon’. Tungsten barrel and titanium points. The fancy dart is on the right.

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Board is British regulation, self healing… and no baseball game on the back. :wink:

Google Photos

Please continue to share your laser adventures with us!


Thanks! The board we play on is professional quality which makes a difference for sure. I like your personalized score keepers. Very cool!


Lovely great work. A gift that will be cherished for years to come


very clean, nice


Well done! You are off to a great start!


Your gift to him is beautiful! I’m sure he was thrilled! Very well done!


Welcome! That turned out awesome!

We have just a regular dart board hanging up in our sunroom. The darts themselves are buried in a box in our pantry downstairs. We don’t play much anymore. :rofl: My husband mentions it every now and then and I know where the darts are, just haven’t brought them up. I think I’m hesitant because we have the dartboard mounted to a wall (which we covered with cork) between two windows and I think I’m just afraid we’ll break a window. Although we covered one window to keep the hot summer sun out because we also cure our garlic in there, and just haven’t taken the cover down.

@PrintToLaser, sounds like a fun way to play. I don’t understand about the bulls though? And I like the individual score keepers!


Oh, it is! It’s hard to have fun when you are shooting poorly, it’s a lot more fun for everyone if you can honestly cheer your competition instead of feeling like you are even further behind. :wink:

To win, you have to get two bullseyes. The green outside the red center is worth one while the red center is worth two. The third dart bonus of shooting again also adds a fun twist! The circle on the outside perimeter counts double, and the inside circle counts triple.
To start everyone throws one dart at the bull, the closest shoots first, second closest is the next, etc.

The scorekeepers are for when we play other games. The winner chooses which game, and we sometimes do 1 - 20 individually, or toward the end of the evening just 17 to bull individually - everybody likes scramble though!


Thanks for the how-to!

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What a nice gift! I play darts every other week or so with a friend - usually straight up Cricket. We’ve been looking at other options to change things up though, so we’ll have to give scramble a try!


When I was a kid we had one with a baseball game on the back that hung in the garage.

I have a bristle board in the house, rarely shoot anymore, but that was a nice memory.


It just evolved over time, alcohol was involved.