Cricut Faux Leather

I just received an email from Cricut Support in response to my question asking what their faux leather is made from. It’s Polyurethane, which from my Googling appears to be safe to lase!




I am new to the Glowforge (just received it in the mail yesterday) and I was wondering since you mention Cricut, can you use design space and save the files to use for the Glowforge?? (hope that makes sense)

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Hi Danielle!

Welcome to the forge!

It does make sense! You can’t download files from DS. You’d have to do a screen shot and use another program to convert the image you saved to one that can be used with the GF.

(I use Sure Cuts A Lot Pro to make files for the GF. I also have Silhouette Studio Biz Edition. Both of these programs can export files as SVG. I never learned Illustrator, which a lot of people here use.)


Has anyone tried to engrave and then cut the leather? I have a sheet and was wondering if anyone figured out settings yet. Thanks

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Johnson Plastics sells a faux leather intended for laser cutting and engraving. It comes in four colors. It’s extra floppy and a bit stretchy, but it works very well and is pretty cheap. What is not cheap are their shipping rates so if you live by one of their outlets picking it up would save some cash.

Their website is not user friendly, but going to their website and searching saddle collection will work for you. There are also examples and discussions of saddle collection faux leather on this forum. @roxygirl7711 this thread contains settings Janerlea used for the Johnson Plastics material. I would not be surprised if the materials are very similar (or identical.)


Thank you so much! I just read it- super helpful!

@marthajackson1970 or anyone really used the faux leather to engrave and/or cut? What settings did you use?

Two posts up from yours and follow the link in “this thread”

What were your setting for Faux Leather? Did you ever try to cut it?

No, I never did!

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found this on another post

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Did you ever figure the cutting part out? I am in the same dilema here