Cricut Infusable Ink - What cool ideas can you come up with?

Cricut announced an infusable ink this morning. It works like sublimation printing, but comes in patterned sheets AND markers. While I don’t know if the sheets will be GF-safe, early reports suggest that the markers can be used on printer paper, which means that theoretically, we could draw designs on regular paper and cut shapes on our GFs. Time will tell how that goes (how will that impact the ink that is lasered and will THAT be toxic?), but I’m kind of excited about the possibilities on this. Even if I could use the markers in my silhouette, it might allow me to create patterned MDF, which I’ve been hoping for.

A couple of links about the ink:


Cool, but I see 400 degrees transfer temperature and I think “nah”. I have nothing that can push that kind of temperature, and I wonder what it would do to MDF.

It doesn’t seem out of the realm of dye sub transfers, which require a heat press.

And I’m not sure about the MDF, but I’m pretty sure people use MDF for dye sub on the regular. Like I said, still too early to be really excited, but it still seems pretty cool to be able to do dye sub without a printer.

I did find this that says that it’s possible with MDF, but there may be some warping to counteract.

Cricut makes their own “heat press”/fancy branded iron (you have to provide the pressing pressure) that goes to 400.

There’s also lots of cheaper heat presses that actually do the pressing part

Dye sub only works on polyester and certain polymers though. MDF would have to be coated with something first :disappointed:


from the first article that the op linked:

an email I got from Cricut today said, “You can only use Infusible Ink transfer sheets with Cricut compatible blanks. They are specifically formulated to work with Infusible Ink—if you try it on something else, you’ll regret it!” But it might be possible you can use it on anything with a poly-coating or even polyester/spandex, such as other sublimation blanks.


I saw that too, lines up with my previous dye sub experiences.

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yeah, the dye-sub MDF is specially coated stuff, same as the dye-sub aluminum blanks.
I never thought to ask at trade shows where I’ve played with dye subs, but I’m curious if it would stick/imprint onto adhesive polyester film, like the oracal 351 / 352 or the avery SF. whatchoo think?

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Yeah, that’s what I’d expect… but they have MDF that’s meant for dye sub, so I just need to source some, or attempt to coat it myself. Where there’s a will…

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I think it would if the film can stand up to 400 degrees for a few minutes without killing the adhesive?

Johnson Plastics has a pretty wide assortment of dye sub blanks

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This is basically what I’m looking for:

So I can make patterned MDF and cut it in the GF. A dye sub printer would still be better, but my budget and space are currently maxed out!

A friend if mine converted a regular desktop printer to dye sub via this method: :smiley:

These guys will sell you coated 4’x8’ hardboard sheets but there’s a 10 sheet min and they ship by freight. Perhaps you could convince a local printer to share an order with you?

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Ooh. I do have an Epson I’d be willing to sacrifice. I’ll look into it more!

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i’m curious to see how that turns out.

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Hmmmmm. I have a stack of dye sub paper from years ago when I had a Fargo Primera…

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Me too. Probably won’t happen any time soon, but I do want to try it. I don’t have a press, so that would need to be on the list.

I would love it for doing t-shirts, but I wonder what the fabric feels like…there are some synthetics I can’t stand the feel of. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just watched a FB live on the product. It’s very cool. The t-shirts are 95% poly and 5% spandex. She used two different Cricut heat presses. I missed the first one, but the second was the original press and it was set for 360 degrees. I don’t have a press and am not ready to get one, so that will have to wait until I can make that dive.

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