Cricut Maker


This looks neat! I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the product.


hmm, i wonder what kind of tolerances it can handle in terms of tight cutting operations.


Interesting! It’s similar to the Brother Scan N Cut (which I own) although I see it has a few interesting extra tools, like the rotary blade and the knife blade. On the other hand, the Brother Scan N Cut traces the item for you (like a Glowforge!).


Depends on whether it uses expensive cartridges like prior Cricut products. :upside_down_face:


probably compatible with them, but it’s geared toward designing on the computer.


It doesn’t have a powerful enough laser :smiley:

Possibly an idea for your replaceable head @Dan ?


Nice, no filter needed or poking a hole in your window.


We have an older Cricut cutter and it does pretty well. The biggest pain point for me is working with my own files on my iPad (which isn’t too big a complaint). But it does allow for wireless cutting and designing. Ours does really well with paper and vinyl, but fabric is something we’ve recently tried and it missed the mark there. This looks like they may be working to solve that.

Thanks for sharing!


I’m with you on that one. My daughter never looked at hers again after getting a Cameo.


This the cricut answer to the silhouette curio, I guess, just leaning much more heavily towards fabric? It’s a slick video and looks pretty, but it’s kind of anemic in the information department. Like… How much force does it cut with? That was a lot of the complaints surrounding the curio. It could theoretically cut 5mm, but it couldn’t press the tool down any harder than the other silhouette cutting machines could.

I don’t think the curio sold very well. It will be interesting to see how this does. Especially considering the older cricut and silhouette cutters already advertise their fabric cutting abilities (Even though they all kind of suck at it).


Intresting but no thanks, I have a laser.


That right there was the reason I went with a Silhouette. I gave up on cartridges (anyone remember HP laser printer font cartridges?) about 20 years ago. :wink:


The rotary tool is interesting and new, but like @erin said, people have been cutting fabric with their digital vinyl cutters for years. (Some of them were a lot better at it than the Silhouette and could handle thin balsa and leather too.)

If they just marketed the rotary tool, they’d sell a ton of them. But the market for digital cutters is pretty well saturated, and Silhouette won by capturing the files and making them available…cheap. The better tools for designers went by the wayside…not enough of them.


Compared to the :glowforge:… no thanks.

( Time ago I chose Cameo instead of Cricut because it works offline … and here I am, what an irony)


Reminded me of the KNK Force in some ways. If the day comes for a new “craft cutter”, I’ll probably have to take a close look at this and the Force.


Unless they’ve completely changed their attitude, I personally refuse to support any Cricut product because I think they’re jerks. They’ve gone after several small companies for making compatible products with the Cricut. Other companies embrace these little add-ons as it actually improve sales for everyone overall. Cricut however tries to force users to only use they’re propriety products and have got nasty about it in the past. Pretty short sighted in my opinion as it turned a lot of people off Cricut products. It’s the reason why I own three silhouette products.


Looks really cool! I’ll have to bookmark that as a possibility for the next phase of the makerspace.


I use a silhouette cameo … Have done many paper crafts, vinyl, heat transfer projects … And some fabric cutting. All very successful. I also use it to trace and cut stamped images. Works great! Just need our Glowforge to tackle veneers, wood, etc.


Sorta seems like a bit of a shift from targeting “crafters” to targeting “makers.” I always like a new maker (or even crafter) tool on the market. I do hope that many of the capabilities listed can be covered by my Glowforge laser and interchangeable heads, but if not this’ll be out there.


I’m finding that the line between crafter and maker blurs more every day.