Cricut smart paper

So I am a newbie. I do know that I’m not supposed to cut vinyl but… was wondering if cricut smart paper sticker cardstock is vinyl or not. Is is ok? I did search through threds and didn’t find anything. Probably because everyone knows the answer to this question but me.
Thank you.

I don’t use a Cricut, so I’ve no idea, but per the Joann’s sites they have both smart paper and smart vinyl, so that would seem to indicate that the smart paper is just that - paper.

If you already own some, there should be a materials listing (or a listing of a website that will have a materials listing). What you’re looking to avoid is chloride (“vinyl” is polyvinyl chloride).


I’m sure a quick Google search could answer that question. I will try to look into that after work.


Silly yet serious question: what makes these materials smart? I get that you don’t need a mat to run them in the Cricut but is that it? Silhouette Cameo 3s can cut matless with any material that’s firm enough (card stock, vinyl, etc) so is there some other smart magic?


Thank you for giving voice to my thoughts here. I guessed they have some kind of scannable thing? proofgrade for Cricket, ha ha.


That’s it, it’s just material that doesn’t need a mat when used with a Cricut.


I have searched google but I think its the fact that Im not searching the write phrase. I literally cant find the answer. I have tried to find what the sticker paper is made out of but can seem to figure it out. Im an over worried person so maybe its totally fine and Im just over worried.

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What product would you use to put a sticker on a cardboard jewelry box. I have tried laser etching the boxes but don’t like the look.

So if “smart” is just sticky, does that mean most toddlers are brilliant?


My granddaughter certainly is. But I might be biased.

That’s not something I’ve done, but there are loads of polyester (waterproof) and/or paper (indoor only) sticker materials out there that are safe to cut in a laser - some require a laser printer as well, if you’ve got a ink jet they’ve got them for that too.

Look for the material to know for sure :slight_smile:


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