Crooked and chipped acrylic cut

Hello… Has anyone experienced this issue that acrylic cuts come out like crooked or like if it was glass all the borders chipped?

Perhaps a photo would make your problem clearer.

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Yes I know Im trying but the system reamins thinking and wont upload the pics

Maybe just drag the photo into the comment box.

Looks like your power is set too high, or there was no masking on the back side of the acrylic? if there is no masking i would add some, and if not try turning down the power a bit. its usually called “flash back” from the beam cutting through hitting the bottom of the tray and reflecting back up and burning the work piece.


Ok… hopefully is that… the thing is I’d have th setting like like this always ans yes I always mask just on top no the back…
what setting do younuse for acrylic?
135/full is mine
And just masking front…
Let me try the back and then reduce the full to what donyou sugges?
Thanks again

That is flashback from the laser reflecting off the grid. Mask your acrylic and try the proofgrade settings for the same thickness - Medium is 3 mm, thick is 6 mm. If you need to adjust, or have a different thickness, use one of the many test patterns here on the forum and find out what works best for you.

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@primal_healer is right and it looks like damage from too much heat/flashback. (Flashback is when the laser hits the tray causing it to heat up and burn the back of the material.) Mirrored acrylic is super finicky, but there’s more than one way to get good results. For 1/8" acrylic I cut with the reflection facing up and a speed of 140 and 85 power. I remove any plastic masking and put regular paper masking on the back (non-reflective) side that rests on the tray to prevent flashback. Another option is to place the acrylic on top of a little cardboard or scrap material so it’s not sitting on the hot metal tray.

Other setting work too and there’s been lots of discussion about it. Here’s one. :slight_smile:


Opps, I must have been typing when you posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries. I am pretty fast on the keyboard so I can sneak in sometimes. :slight_smile:

all depends on type and thickness, you can run a cut test to see the minimum needed to get the results you want but i think if you mask the back it would help

Me too but I put a sheet of copy paper on the grid then put the material on that. Any flashback is only on the copy paper. Just easier to do then applying & removing the masking.

Ok… I masked the back part too, made a simple
Cut of a cross, in 140/90…

But now it didn’t cut all the way through the acrylic 3mm…

At the end I got the button turn into orange

Let me try again…

Ok it finally cut pretty well
140/ full
Masked both sides… acrylic mirror finish

But in color ones like white and black
I get a flame :see_no_evil:

Flames are fine as long as they don’t keep burning after the laser goes past the point of contact.

And that is a classic case of “laser fingers” if I’ve ever seen one. :smiley:


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