Crop/Clip/Cut inserted art

I don’t know how to word my problem, but I’ll do my best. Pictures attached.

I’m trying to cut part of that rectangle as a snowflake that will be partway in and partway out of the rectangle.

I’ve been troubleshooting for two days and nothing seems to work the way I want it to on Inkscape. Most of the tools under the “Object” and “Path” menus, for example, don’t seem to do a thing to the image.

Please help, this is for a friends’ wedding…

Work in Progress Project:

Example from Pinterest:

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What software are you using?


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Someone will be along soon who can help you…I can do it in the program I use, but am not familiar enough with Inkscape help… but lots of folks here use Inkscape and are happy to share information.

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Thanks. I’m slowly figuring things out.

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Draw a square over the part you want to keep, and select both that and the shape you want to cut it from, then use Path, Intersection. The shape must be an object or path itself, if it’s a bitmap, you need to convert to path first (trace bitmap).

OK, you need to duplicate the rectangle and snowflake, make sure the rectangle is on the top by clicking it and pressing HOME. - set the copy to a different colour and outline so you can see it.
Ideally use SHIFT and ARROW a few times to move it out of the way for a minute. When you’re done, use SHIFT and ARROW the same few times to move it back again. It will stay aligned if you do this.

On one copy you select them both and choose Path, Interesection- this will leave you with the engraved part of the snowflake.

Then with the other rectangle and snowflake do Path, Union, this will leave you with a rectangle and flake joined to make one cut,

If there is engraving on the cut snowflake it is even easier.

Duplicate the flake - set it to a different colour and outline so you can see it.
Select the rectangle and flake, select Path, Union.
Position the duplicated flake in the right place


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