Cropped photos don't come into GF app correctly!

In inkscape I used the bezier and clip tools to cut the background out of an imported photo. Everything looked great until I pulled it into the GF app and everything I had previously cut out showed up again… Any ideas on how I can delete parts of a photo in inkscape so that is the only thing I engrave when I pull it over??? Trying to pull a dog out of a pic and engrave it and then cut it out.

Search the forum for clip path. It’s been covered a million times, and the UI also gives you a warning about this.

The short of it is that you need to export the clipped image as a new raster and re-import it, or crop it in a raster editor before you get there.

Searching is your friend and will yield more detailed instructions. I figure if you know clip paths, you should be able to hang with my sketchy description.


If you’ve already done the work in Inkscape, exporting (to PNG) from there will be the easiest way to do it.

The GF UI does not support clip paths or masks.

To be honest I don’t really understand most of what you’ve suggested Evan but I will definitely do the work and research more. Thanks!! Eflyguy, thank you as well. This is a little more understandable. Thank goodness I know how to use YouTube! I will give it a shot I’m the morning, thanks again?

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You just select File/Export PNG Image. It opens a dialog where you choose the export options, then hit “Export” and it will save the file.

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Haha yeah, I accidentally figured out how to do this in Inkscape by clipping it and exporting it and re importing.

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Actually when you use create bitmap it creates it right there and if you are watching your object list you will see another image there. I just freeze the clipped image and keep going no need to export and import.


This is the way i would do it (and what I do in Illustrator).

need to keep that in mind, will leave a step, even if it is a quick one

I’m not sure what you mean here. I was avoiding making it a bit map because I tried at first and inkscape kept shutting down so I’ve left it as is. I’m not sure what the object list is…

I have dual screens and this is what my second screen is in Inkscape. The object list has nothing in it as it is a start up drawing but they would be listed where the red arrow is pointing.

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