Cropping an OBJ map?

Hey guys!! I was wondering if anyone has experience with working with OBJ files? I am working on a gift for my dad for Christmas. I purchased an OBJ of Chicago that I wanted to put into Slicer in Fusion 360. I managed to import the file to Fusion 360 but I didn’t realize how large the map was. I just need the downtown area. Anyone have a few minutes to:
a. Convert the file to somthing Slicer can work with
b. “Crop” the map to just downtown Chicago
I’ll pay ya $10 haha!

An interesting question for which I don’t have an answer. :frowning_face:

google says:


Are there tools for cropping in meshmixer?

I’m not familiar with OBJ files, and not sure OBJ files will load into MeshLab, but here is video link on how to use MeshLab to edit 3D objects. MeshLab is a freeware download.

Can you get your file of Chicago in STL format?

Hi Jeremy,

If you want to send me the file I can do it for you!



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AWESOME!! Messaging you!

Hi Jeremy, is that what you want ?



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I think cropped in a bit more. (just so that it is mostly just the tall buildings downtown :blush:)

Better now ? :slight_smile:


I think so! Thanks so much!

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