Cropping in Inkscape

Hello, GF friends. I am in need of some assistance with clipping/cropping. I’ve researched in this forum and Google, and understand how to do the clip, but I can’t find anything on how to permanently delete the clipped part of an image so that the GFUI will not see it. I’ve seen the term “subtraction tool” but no instruction on where that is or how to use it.

Any instruction or info on where to look would be greatly appreciated!


This is the tutorial I used. Cropping does get confusing.

Good luck


OK, I had already looked at this one, but re-read it and found the nugget at the end regarding setting the export area to page and it looks like it worked! I missed it the first time. I’ll try printing now to verify, but when I import to the UI it looks good. Thx!!!

I got frustrated and used the MS editor to crop before importing. Then I freehanded the cut line using the pencil tool. That makes a quick fix for some projects!