Crumb Tray alternate

This might be of some use as a possible crumb tray alternative. The GF tray is ~1.38" so that the top of the bed gives the approximate 1/2" of laser working space. Woot has a tray that is about 0.89". If you are trying to engrave items thicker than 1/2", this might be useful. It does have an iron hex grid for magnets. It easily fits in the GF, but of course does not have the divots of the original to lock it into position. price is a lot less than a GF replacement, so if you have a need for slightly more head space, it might be useful without too much expense.FAHKNS Honeycomb Working Table


Interesting—looks like it comes apart for easier cleaning, which is a plus. Thanks for the heads up!


yes, they include a piece of aluminum for the floor, with double-stick tape to attach. It would probably be pretty easy to MacGyver a floor that matched the GF size and include some sort of divot for registering into the GF base if anyone really needed exact placement.


…or the precision provided by said divots

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