Crumb tray dimensions

While I’m away from my Glowfinger, and can only conduct thought experiments, I’d be very grateful if some one could supply me with following info.

Is the bottom of the crumb tray steel or aluminium ( ie do magnets attach to it well) ?
What is the thickness of the honeycomb itself, and what is the depth of the gap between the lower face of the honeycomb and the try it’s bolted to ?
Working on hold downs and a vacuum bed.


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Non-magnetic, can’t measure the honeycomb directly because the opening at the front is smaller than the gap you are looking for, but the only accessible gap is 6.5mm, and butts right up against the front door when the tray is installed. If I had to guess by looking in there, I’d say it’s at least 8mm.

Important note - do not drop large, thin neodymium magnets onto the base of the machine (when the tray is removed) - those suckers are a PAIN to remove!


Thanks for the first piece of info, which rules out magnetic anchors, my first idea.
I could do with a fairly accurate measurement ( to 1mm would be fine) of the gap if someone can measure it for me.

Not sure how you’d do that without disassembling the tray. The gap on the front has lips both top and bottom. I guess if you had some kind of offset-tip caliper, or a caliper that has a “hook” that could latch onto the bottom of the tray, allowing you to read the depth…

Poke a toothpick through the frontmost hole in the tray, pencil mark above and below ?

You a fart smeller!

Actually, gap is too narrow to fit a regular pencil but I came up with a way - dropped a stick down from above to the floor, marked it, then pulled it up until the bottom was as flush as I could make it, and made another mark.

So gap is about 9.4, and tray 21.1mm

I immediately heard Shirley Bassey. :laughing:

Glow-fingah! Wa-wa-wa-wa-waah!


Thanks, you’ve got it !


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Many thanks for that. :+1:

My crumb tray honeycomb is20.2mm (Black)

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Pls can someone tell me honeycomb (crumb tray) dimensions in inches (L x W x H) and weight too.
Need to know before getting it shipped. thanks in advance!