Crumb Tray substitute


I finally have received my glowforge. But it has been delivered without the accessory box. Hence, I wanted to understand if I can use it without the crumb tray. I read on earlier post that you could use construction paper instead of the tray.

Really would appreciate feedback on this.


You should wait, the accessory box is shipped separate and will be a few days. Using it without the tray without understanding this risk will damage it.


Sure - most folks end up doing it a lot when they graduate to materials 1/2" and taller. Just stack up enough scrap or something on the bottom of the 'forge that leaves your material within a 1/2" of the lens. The stock crumb tray stands about 1.4" above the floor - so that’s the “0” height of the bed and the 1/2" height is measured from there.

Just do a search here - lots of posts on cutting taller material or things over 1/2" in height that explain the whole process way better than I am.

If you feel really nervous, you can put that construction paper on the bottom of the 'forge so it covers the shiny aluminum sheet to prevent reflections.


Thank you so much. Will try that. :slight_smile:

We have wrote to the DHL team. Let’s see, but we are very desperate to use our glowforge. Though, Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

Judging by how hard my magnets grab onto the subfloor of the Glowforge, that’s not aluminum.

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Check out this search for some great details on doing so:

But DON’T use construction paper! Use wood, or metal, or something that’s not likely to catch fire! Fire = bad

Hi ,

So I used the glowforge but we didn’t use it for anything cutting or scoring. I started with engraving , I was quite happy with the results. :slight_smile:. Thank you to all so much :slight_smile:

I used 2 plywood of 12 mm each and covered it the black construction paper and first tried to print on my MacBook. The results were quite satisfactory.


The more you use it , the more you will like it. :grinning:

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