Crumb tray suggestion

Would it be possible for Glowforge to make a crumb tray that is thinner? It would be of great benefit to have a thinner one to switch out when users are either etching or cutting thicker material.


I would buy one


Just my 2 cents… To me, a crumbtray is only useful when cutting completely through a material. It is intended to reduce flashback and reflection when cutting. It’s nothing more than a spacer for engraving material thicker than 0.5". And we can’t cut through thicker material with these machines.

Since the current crumbtray costs $149 you might be better off with any spacer material a 50th of the cost.


You can actually build your own…there are free shared files in the Free Files section for risers made from 3D printing and cut from wood or acrylic using the Glowforge.


Thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’ll make sure the team hears about it.

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