Crumbtray Rulers

These are so useful! Thank you!

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we (that’s the royal “we”) are not at all civilized. That’s why “we” have extra copies of text on hidden layers scattered across the artboard!

ok, actually it’s because I often have to do some sort of pathfinder operations with or to the text, and because Align functions consider the last bit of kerning space after the final text character to still be part of the shape. you can see this in action: make some text, align to center, then convert to outlines and align to center again… it shifts just a pinch.


That I didn’t know!

It’s really minor, but enough to cause some press-fit frustration when you are relying on “align-to-center relative to Selection” when building a design!

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Thank you for sharing, just got my GF and we are having a blast, this will make the experience much better…: :slight_smile:

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I love this but I can’t find the file for it… please help… this would sooooo help me. where am I not looking to find it?

Here’s a post with an updated ai file, but I’m not finding the original ai or svg anywhere. I wonder if discourse auto-removed it since it’s been so long :confused:

Sorry to be dense here but where is the SVG file for the ruler?

Click on the link in the post right before yours…looks like the original was removed,but someone else modified it.