Crystal Hedgehog

This millennia-old crystal hedgehog made me think of this crew for some reason …


1500 bce and holding it in a bare hand like that? Is there a snopes for this?!

Cool little guy anyway.



It looks like this might be the original source:

Still doesn’t authenticate the provenance of the object.

I shared it primarily for the referenced cute/cool factor. It’s well within the public domain. So, it might be useful as a reference for anyone who happens to like hedgehogs.

Also, I am distracting myself from contributing snark to another thread.

(Edited due to Discourse inexplicably resolving the URL to an embedded image.)

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It does look more like a Kilroy than a hedgie, but thank you VERY kindly for the distraction! :smile:
(Some mornings I don’t feel like being nice…and i keep having to delete my comments.)


Took you a whole hour to reply? Getting disappointed here.


Currently a little bit sick. (Might be a touch of food poisoning.) Definitely off my game. :nauseated_face:

Ugh. Feel better!

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There’s something going ‘round. I’m just getting over it myself.
Feel better soon!

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Sequels that should have been: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Hedgehog.


Would have been better than the fiasco that was that Crystal Skull movie. :smile:

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