Crystal Keychain & Settings

I found these AWESOME pre-made keychains and decided I needed to try it out. I couldn’t really find anything as far as settings go here. I used full pew/max zoom/340 LPI/2 passes. The first pass gave it a sort of dimpled effect. All in all not bad! I think I may bump the LPI a bit in the future. Abby is my niece and she needs a backpack charm. :blush:


Oh link here for the keychains if you want


Since you’re talking settings, the topic should be moved to BtM…

Thanks for the tips, that’s a cool item.



So is this really glass? Or is a plastic?

According to Johnson’s Plastics it’s actually crystal. And it throws rainbows the way you’d expect cut crystal to do. It’s pretty heavy as well. It’s 1.5 oz, compared to a similar sized maple keychain at .4 oz. All that leads me to believe it is actually crystal, or some sort of glass at the very least.


I’ve certainly looked at these for the past couple of years on the site. You’re the first I’ve seen demo them. Quite nice. Makes me interested in other crystal products now.


I had been eyeing them for a while too. In the end I decided since I was already ordering a ton of stuff from them I may as well try it. I love the feel of them. Very solid.


Nice! These would be cool for one key uses. Like one for my daughter’s cottage.


Nice! I just bought the crystal ornament to try for a customer. There is a guidance document on the page you linked, if you look below to the Tech Docs and Downloads tab, in case you didn’t see it.

I did! Unfortunately the doc hates my Mac and won’t open so I had to wing it. Other docs from their site open fine that one just has a hissy fit for me.

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JPP_TechTips_LaserEngravingGlassOpticCrystal.pdf (193.2 KB)

Here it is. Hopefully you can see it from here.

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Oh that worked! Not sure what the difference was LOL but thanks!

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