CS4 Illustrator: where is the 'artboards panel' and the "Links" panel

I am using CS4 Illustrator and following a tutorial where the instructor is setting up his workspace. I cannot find the “artboards panel” and the “Links” panel as they do not appear to be in the same location as the online version. I’m wondering if they weren’t available in CS4. Ideas?

Thank you.

In Illustrator 2020, it’s under Windows > Artboards and Windows > Links. I thought they were there in earlier versions as well, but my memory may be playing tricks on me.

I can’t find it under the “windows” … there is one called “Links” panel (I missed that before so thank you) but nothing with artboards. I looked at all their sub sections. Maybe it was created after CS4. I really like this guy and his instructions, but I might need to find a good YouTube for CS4 … or maybe see if I can buy a “book” on it. wait…son took that class in college…maybe he has a physical book or an ebook…will go check!

Thank you.

looks like artboards were introduced in CS4, so they should be there. not sure if they were located somewhere else back then, it was too long ago for me to remember.

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