Cubicle Camera Periscope

Used my glowforge, 3d printer, electronics and coding make a video camera periscope for my office cubicle. Its activated by a 180 degree PIR sensor that engages the motor to rise the camera (auto camera) to view the video on a small color monitor attached to the bottom. The motor mechanism is something I salvaged from an old CD player. I programed a display with a combination touch lock and touch menus to test the motor and led lights (neopixel). It’s not that pretty but it works.
the video is not showing up. you have to download it. It’s a .mov file.


This is awesomely pointless :wink:


lol nice!

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Weird and fun project. :+1:

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Yes. lol. its like the useless box.

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What do your coworkers say?!!

Nothing. The video is not being recorded .

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Finally a solution to the scourge of prairie-dogging!


That is totally awesome! I don’t have a cubicle, but now I want one! LOL


Using all the tools you have. I think it should have started below the wall and come up as a spy camera.

True. That’s way it’s version1

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Very clever. :sunglasses:
It occurs to me if the mechanism doesn’t have the stroke length to lower enough, another method might be to have the camera arm on a point of rotation where at rest it would be parallel to the top edge of the cubical divider and use the tray mechanism to pull down on a point at the bottom of the camera arm to swing it up.
I’m going to guess you had fun doing that!

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Thank you for the insight. Yes, there were some challenges like that. I made the best choices due to things like that. To answer your question…Yes it was a lot of fun. I’m in it for the learning and fun. One could always improvise on a thing afterwards.

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Absolutely. In life, failure is our teacher. That’s why we put that little piece of rubber on the end of a pencil. :grin:
I’m a big fan of up-cycling and seeing that mechanism in use instead of a landfill sparks joy, I can imagine how you the creator feel about it!

I’m looking forward to the things you make. :+1:

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Unless you are in a room full of under-worked engineers, I will go out on a limb and suggest you are the topic of conversation in the lunch room (a lot).
I myself, have a soft spot for ridiculous or useless concepts that are complex in nature and manufacturer. (remote control M&M catapults comes to mind).
Let your juices flow and channel whatever it is you channel.
Waiting to see your future endeavors.


Actually, seeing as you came up with “the solution”, I believe it’s up to you to prove out the design…


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:no_mouth: Dang, Last year I finally disposed of many boxes of eviscerated components I had gathered over the years.

Love the bodged projects.

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Want mine?

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Always the case. That’s my excuse for not throwing anything cool away :slight_smile:

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