Cubiio’s back ... with an enclosed, flat box thing

Now it has LIDAR and marks stainless steel?



Does it seems “to good to be real” because it actually is too good to be real ?

I mean, it seems to cut and engrave stuff…

I don’t understand how low the fume seems to be compared to the glowforge’s (maybe they use a material that does not burn much?).
The “no floor” idea seems nice.
I’m less confident about the software “just take a picture of the machine, it will do the magic”, i can’t imagine the precision to be so good, but many project don’t require a crazy precision here i think.
I didn’t see any precision details about the cutting, but for this price it would seem acceptable to have something slightly lower than the glowforge’s.
The no-cooling/easily replacable laser seem pretty cool (i’m REALLY not waiting for the day i’ll have to change mine on the glowforge…)
It doesn’t seem to be able to cut more than 3mm, that seems acceptable as well, cutting 6mm on the glowforge isn’t so good either as it tends to burn wood a lot.

Am i missing something ? :thinking:

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Their first product was. I think all your musings are spot on.

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