Cuboid "globe"



Oh man! This could be my first project on the gf:


Very nice!
Personally though, I would work on the stand. It could be a lot more decorative and interesting.


The creator sent me a note asking me to post this here on his behalf.

If you could let them know that all my other stuff is here:

And my Twitter is @KitemanX, then that would be great.

If folk make versions of my stuff, I’ll be happy to add photos to my original documents, or links back to their postings elsewhere if they want.


Thanks for posting this! His cuboid globe is still in my personal hopper. They will make fun gifts for my “spatial” friends & colleagues.


Yeah, I want to make one of the globes myself, and I like the paper sculpting too…cool dragonfly!

Thanks for posting the link.


The flat earth society must love him :stuck_out_tongue:


Is he a GF owner as well ?


So much great stuff!
The Tardis lampshade is definitely happening!


Glad you posted that TARDIS lamp shade – that could be fun to do. :slight_smile: