Cupcake Stencil w/ Logo


I’m working and doing up a stencil for someone to use for airbrushing a logo on tops of cupcakes. However, when trying to cut out the logo parts of the letters pop out. (D,B,O,A,R). Unfortunately I am unable to change the font, since its the company logo and needs to be the same. Does anyone know of a way to help make this happen?

Thanks in advance!!

You can use bridges of thin wire or similar to have the floating parts positioned, but that only works for spraying as they are easily disturbed. A dab of hot glue or similar to secure each end of the wire.


It’s tedious, but if it’s only a one-time thing to make, worth it.


I wonder if you did modify it so there were very thin bridges to hold in those small parts if when they air brushed it they might go unnoticed or get lost in the spray. i think your idea is better @eflyguy

if you can do two wires, one to either side, that will help keep them from getting disturbed since it would be more stable.