Cups from jp

I’m so dumb I purchased the cups from jp to engrave only to realize they are too big. I seriously need to think things though. Okay so now what? I have like 40 cups that I can not engrave. I don’t want to send it back because I would have to pay shipping and a restock fee. But can I do anything? There is not a way, correct, to engrave on our machine?

The 2" limit is only going to be circumvented by cutting the bottom out of the machine.

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Much better than cutting out the bottom of the machine would be to cut something that will flex enough to be applied to the outside, or even to make a mold for something that could be applied to the outside.
First experiment I would try is individual .letters or parts that would not need to bend much.

Many types of wood will bend (warp) if they get wet even if you do not wish it. Soaked very wet, bent and held to the cup with strong rubber bands will remain curved to that diameter when dry afterwards.

Leather will bend easily and can be made to surround and insulate the cup

If you deep engrave solid material you can fill the hole with silicon rubber that will go on and bend easily. or make a positive, mold in silicon rubber and bend that to the curve before casting the design :grin:

You could even make a mask and paint or sandblast the design in place


Cups from JP?


Laura Iwaskewycz

Sorry, I should have been clearer. What are Cups from JP?

ISO 3166-1 country code for Japan: JP

So Japanese cups, I guess…

JP =Johnson Plastics

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