Curious Contraptions



I have been hanging around the forum for some time, taking it all in, but never posted anything till now. I thought I would share this video I found. I think these contraptions are amazing. Might fuel the creative fires for some.


Excellent find. Glad you decided to post.


That’s pretty great.


Nice first post. I love the simple movements and Spooner’s artistry. - Rich


Awesomely cool! :grinning:


Those are awesome! And looks like they will be on display at the Exploratorium in San Francisco from now until the end of January. I’ll have to check them out!


Automata has been one of the things I really have been looking at since ordering the GF. Would be fun to design and make.


That is AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!! :heart_eyes:


Me likey😁

Thanks for finding that video.


Welcome @ryanf. So many amazing things here and you have added to our joy.


I am looking at this book of old designs for coping saw. It’s a reprint of a much older work, so if it’s out of copyright anything in it would be free to use. (And a coping saw was basically the glowforge of the 1500s-1900s)


The coping saw is a great tool for detail cutting. The blades are available so small that you almost need magnification to see the teeth.
Takes a light touch and lubrication to avoid breaking them by the dozen.


That is really cool! thanks for sharing!


This is delightful! Thanks so much for sharing it.


Wonderful video, thanks for sharing it with us. Welcome to the asylum! :laughing:


Welcome. Thank you for adding that. Keep em coming!!


That’s amazing!


Nearing! Thanks for sharing


“please wait 5 hours to like posts again.”

Favorited though.