Current average proofgrade shipping time?

Hi-- Can anyone who’s received a proofgrade order recently let me know how long it has taken to be delivered from day you ordered? I last ordered near holidays and had debacle where it took forever which I know was not usual. Need to get a current sense of processing and shipping times, to see if I can get it before I move (to have movers include in packing), or wait till after I’m settled and hope that they’ll deliver to an APO (have written to support to ask that-- didn’t seem to have final conclusion on forum discussion I saw).

There is just no way to give you a firm number, because it depends on availability and where you are. It generally comes within about ten (working) days for my shipments, and I’m located on the Texas Gulf coast. (But…I’ve had them in four days, and I had one run a full month when they lost a bunch of orders during that holiday system crash.)

Not sure about the APO thing though. I wouldn’t count on that.

Proof grade stuff is shipped via UPS OR FEDEX. To my knowledge, APO shipments are handled b yh USPS. So you will likely have to have your order shipped to someone stateside and have them mail it to your military address.

My last order about a week ago came out of Texas and I had it in hand 3 days later in Denver. Quickest delivery I’ve had. It must have gone out the same day.

APO addresses are stateside so that shouldn’t be an issue. No customs forms needed, and :proofgrade: materials won’t trip any “can’t be shipped by air” alarms

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I received my last order in Phoenix in 3 days.

Shipping time also depends where you are. My last order arrived in upstate NY a week after ordering.

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