Current project in progress

I just received my Glowforge last week. Been working full force figuring this thing out and have made some progress. This is still a work in progress but not a bad start.
Done on Medium Draft board.


So cool.!


Welcome. Looks like you are already going strong.


Welcome @erikvarvel to the forum. Nice work.

One of my first custom 3D printed designs that I made for my Prusa was a Grateful Dead bottle opener. A friend of mine had a son who is a Dead Head. She said that if I wanted to impress him, I’d have to make something with a Dead Head design. So I did some research and came up with something for him. He loved it. Just a skull with the lightening through it and a slot for a penny for leverage. It’s all in the image.


Hard to tell for sure but it looks huge! Just how big is that largest piece? That is some really amazing work! You win the first time is a mind-blower award for today :exploding_head:


Just wait. I have tons of Art I’ve made that I’m just itching to make into tangible items. I’ve been watching Glowforge since they were a kickstart program. So my getting one last week was a long time desire fulfilled. Don’t know if my family will see much of me anymore as I’ll be in my “Lab” all the time…


It’s just under 12" Diameter. And its got a different design on the other side. :wink:


Congrats and welcome. Looking forward to see more of your work?


Looks so cool! Nice way to get your feet wet!


Welcome & off to an ambitious start, with great results, hooray!

As you’ve likely noticed, draft board is very dusty & messy, so clean well before the 40 hour interval–always better to clean more often, anyway, and be sure to get the camera lens on the lid, as well as all the mirrors! Draft board will also gunk up the fan faster than other materials, though likely will be many more hours until you have to worry about that! A clean GF is a happy GF!


Yes, I’ve had it under a week and I’m already ready to clean it. I just got back from buying 2 100 wipe boxes of the Zeiss wipes as I see I will need them often. But worth every bit of cleaning getting these kinds of results. I could not be happier! Now, time to get to cleaning this thing up.

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