Current users of Cricut, or similar machines

Oh horrors ! I hadn’t thought of that.
I’ll explore ‘mounting a printer into a box’.

Looks like it’s back to square one :slightly_frowning_face:
First, I’ll have remove the flatpak version of gnome box, then I’ll look at VMWare.

Are you using VMWare or Open-VMWare ? Do I need to go ‘into the cloud’ to create my new virtual machine ?

I’ve installed Open VMWare but haven’t yet worked out how to run it !
All new territory for me .

Close now to giving up. Every turn seems to run into a brick wall

Wow, I’m sorry you are having so much trouble. It really shouldn’t be like that.

For this, I am using VMWare Fusion:

VMWare’s VMs are fairly portable among its products, though. I have run VMs built with Fusion on their Player app on Linux (which you can run for free – for some values of “free”):

A key here is that you are going to have to be able to connect USB devices through to the VM, which may be complicated by your Linux distro.

Running Windows directly on hardware would be simpler, of course. I am doing it this way because the machine I have in the studio is a MacBook. My Windows box is a full tower, set up on the other side of the building.


Getting there !
I’ve learnt how to move files from ‘host’ pc to ‘guest’, and had the cutter identified by the guest as a usb printer cable, curiously.
Next job is to get the cutok.rar file opened by WinRar or Winzip, old copies I’ve had on a cd in my ‘goodies’ store.
Hope it works !


Groping around in the dark here.
Not sure what to do next in trying to get the Cutok driver installed.
I’ve got so used to my Ubuntu platform doing everything for me, I’ve completely forgotten what to do in Windows 10 !
Ive got WinRar installed, and it opens the Cutok folder, but I don’t see any driver file.

In the top level of the folder, there is a “cutokplotter.inf” file (shows type as “Setup Information”). Right-click on that and, select “Install” from the context menu.

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Well, I followed your instructions, and got as far as ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?’'.
Clicked on yes, and got “The system cannot find the file specified”.

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Did you actually extract the folder from the compressed archive (there should be an option at the top of the tool bar in the file manager) and, run the installer from there? Or just double-click on the archive (which Windows will then open and show you the files inside, as if it were a folder)? If you do the later, the installer will fail the way you describe.

Otherwise, something else is wrong and, I don’t have another guess at this point.

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I’ve done both, but not sure which I did first !
Perhaps doing the wrong thing first, loused everything up, so I’ll probably delete what I can see, and go back to downloading the original folder from Cutok.

Did you use WinZip or WinRar to extract the folder ?(Perhaps it doesn’t matter which ?)

It should not matter which. I am using 7zip, since it is free open source software:

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Having decided that the best course of action was to start again, I went back to creating a new virtual machine, only to discover that I’d forgotten the process, and would really need to record what I’d done, this time.

I think a week off building two cnc machines might give me the mental break I need.
Thanks for all the help, thus far.


This will probably be my penultimate post on this thread. The final one will be of the completed fan !
Thanks to the patient encouragement of evermorian, I have not only got the Bosskut machine working on a Windows 10 computer, but now also on a laptop with winXP installed.
For those who have forgotten where I started from, a quick precis.
I cut my fan sticks from gilded basswood on Goldfinger. They then need a pattern of ‘garnets’ ( dye-sub printed onto Sublidecal) stuck on the surface of the ‘gold’.
Goldfinger, unfortunately produces a fine white line around each of the garnets, where the heat of the laser has evaporated the print. So I thought a cutter, (like Cricut that most are familiar with) would be a good investment.
A second user Bosskut was bought, and is now finally up and running.
Getting the cnc carving machine going is the next task, so that I can add carved, laser cut frames to my work.

I wonder if a 3d printer might be useful … ?



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