Current Work Bench Option

I just bought a Glowforge Pro! I have worked with one extensively before, so I’m excited to have my own. I looked for good workbench options in the forum, but unfortunately none of those listed in the forums are available anymore. At $350 it’s a little spendy compared to other possible options, but the drawer dimensions are pretty much perfect for ProofGrade materials, with a large drawer for other items. I wanted something as compact as possible and on wheels.

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Here’s a good option using Ikea hardware/surfaces:


That’s beautiful! I really wanted closed sides because it will be living in an office space more than a workshop. I absolutely love the way that looks, though, and it seems perfectly functional.

Thanks @eflyguy for mentioning my table video! After using the IKEA Hack table for a couple weeks, I’m still super happy with it. I can see how @BleakChimera might want closed sides though, but I do like being able to see materials I have on hand with a quick glance.


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